Convert  your  cell  phone  to  a  GPS  Tracker

Convert your cell phone to a GPS Tracker

  Improve enterprise resource plans, Protect your assets, Improve performance, reduce costs, Create new
Feel  the  Security  and  Peace

Feel the Security and Peace

    Track and control your car everywhere, Turn off your car from everywhere with your cell phone or
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Why using GoldTrax

GoldTrax, a knowledge based product with unique functionalities to manage both personal and enterprise level vehicles


One year warranty demonstrates the quality of GoldTrax product


Low Maintenance Price

Low maintenance price compared to the competitors

Stunning Features

Increase security and control on vehicles

Full Time Support

Powerful and 24 hour support team


  • No.5, 11th Floor, Salman Tower, Rahnamaei Street, Mashhad, Iran
  • +9851-38408626
  • +9851-38408626
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